You deserve a specialist

Not all therapies are the same

Let's face it, we all know of those places that charge a cheap price, you go to them, and most of the time you get a subpar massage that left you just feeling like you wasted your money and time. Believe me, I have heard some of the craziest stories from cheap massage places, Groupon and just downright bad sessions.

All of those stories have the same thing in common - THE PATIENTS PAIN STILL WAS THERE!!

Look, you don't go to fast food and expect gourmet meals, just as you don't go to big box stores to find local, handmade gifts.


You get what you pay for

We LOVE to save Money

We all love to save money, I know I do that's for sure. The thing is, if we keep paying for substandard massage sessions, we are going to keep throwing money at the issue instead of getting to the ROOT Cause of the issue. 
Investing in yourself and hiring a Pain Relief Specialist will, ultimately, save you time AND money! 


We ALWAYS work with you through a process of specific NeuroMuscular Protocols designed to pinpoint and address the Strain and Pain Patterns that have developed, usually, over the course of years of bad habits and body mechanics. 

We are committed to resolving any and all MusculoSkeletal issues that all of our patients have.  

Value of First Session

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